Only three more weeks and then I will fly to Tel-Aviv as member of a Dutch delegation of dialogue experts.
We will be trained by a Palestine organization in their dialogue method: several days of training and learning while doing. I am very excited about it, as you can imagine!
Our journey will take ten days and a great program has been prepared for us including visits to several organizations in cities in the occupied territories and Israel.
Any people we should meet related to dialogue (we FB-ers have a great network together!)? Please let me know and I’ll do my utmost to fit it in.
Being part of this delegation is a special occasion of my UWC-spirit in action and that means a great deal to me. Like UWC: we are going to learn a lot and have a personal experience that will bring about change, no matter what of how.
I promise I will report here.

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  1. wow meis, wat een kans! heel veel succes en wederzijdse inspiratie gewenst.

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