This is my shelf with my most important sources of inspiration. Some books, a golden bag with a talking symbol (round stone) that I use in dialogue conversations, a black velvet bag with a wooden table constellation set by Oase and my set of markers in all colors which I use to make mindmaps.

The books:

  • Gifted lives by Joan Freeman, about the vulnerability and resilience of highly gifted people.
  • Dialogue by William Isaacs, the standard for dialogue.
  • Illusions by Ingeborg Bosch, an inspiring method of psychotherapy which integrates the past in reality of now.
  • Uit het harnas! (Leave your armor!) by Paulien Assink and the PAL-training by pioneers in authentic leadership: working to strengthen your Authentic Self through four dimensions – the fysical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Love and Power by Adam Kahane.
  • Perseverance by Margaret Wheatley. My personal favorite for inspiration.
  • Synchronicity by Joseph Jaworski which insider me to follow my heart.
  • Leadership and the new fysics by Margaret Wheatley about the relationships between changes in nature and in organisations.
  • Overcoming organizational defenses by Chris Argyris on why we so often react defensively. My work at Het Consulaat brought me this valuable knowledge.
  • Eerste Hulp Bij Ongewenste resultaten (First Aid for Negative Results) by Loes Wouterson and Pim Bouwman: they translated Chris Argyris’ complex work into practical tools.
  • Managementteams by Meredith Belbin and the Masterclass Belbin by Rob Groen: all about teamroles. Play your strength!
  • Acknowledging what is by Bert Hellinger about systhemic work and constellations.
  • Beelden van de ziel by Daan van Kampenhout about systemic work and shamanism.
  • Making love by Barry Long.
  • De creatiespiraal by Marinus Knoope.
  • Volmaakt in het nu by Paul Ferrini.