The dialogue meeting this afternoon at the Youth and Media Center of AEI in Bethlehem was of a whole different nature than yesterdays meeting. This time we met with young people and had a dialogue about ‘Fasting’. It was eager and enthusiastic and at moments more like a discussion than dialogue. The participants were so eager to contribute and react :-).

For young people these dialogue meetings bring them a lot: meeting people, useful experience for a future job, to break my shyness, to learn English, talking to men (said a woman), celebrate feasts, discuss honestly without fears, develop my leadership, learn to reflect and communicate and imagine (different from school where focus is in reading), really getting to know eachother, learn how to share my opinion in a produtive way, helps to analyze, breaking barriers between eachother, practise listening (“that is hard for Arabs”), getting wisdom, learns to be a peace maker, respect differences, learn about our history, express myself and my feelings and emotions, makes me more aware of who I am and last bur not least “I am visible now!”.
Enough reasons to meet every Saturday as a group? I would think so!!

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