Deze korte tekst van Paul Ferrini raakte me bijzonder en daarom deel ik ‘m.


Attachment to your Story

You are free to be responsible for your life right now, but do you want to be?

Are you ready to give up your attachment to your story?

The problems you perceive in your life are projections of the internal conflict: “I want but I cannot have.”

If you would allow yourself to have what you want, or if you would stop wanting it, this conflict would cease.

Your story of “seek but do not find” would be over.

Be honest with your self.
Are you willing to give up the drama?
Or has your pain, your scarcity, your need to fix or be fixed become part of your personality?

Has your story become your identity?

If not, let the past dissolve right here, right now.
Be totally responsible for what you choose.
There are no more excuses.

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